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Finished Size: Long Side is about 8 inches, Short Side is about 5 inches.

8 inches=long side

5 inches=short side

This rectangle is the mesure of the knitted part. It has to be fold in half.


  • I think you can use every kind of yarn workable with US 7 (4,5 mm) needles. 30 Grams can be enough.

  • A piece (about 10 inches per 8 inches) of flannel fabric.

  • A button.

  • A piece of felt (if you want to put a letter outside)

  • Needles: US 7 (4,5 mm)

  • Crochet Hook: US G (4 mm)


Cast on 40 stitches and work stocking stitches for 3 rows. Then go on working stockinette stitches for 28 rows. Bind off.

Iron the rectangle and the fold it in a half. Sew the lower side.

Once you have done the knitting work, you can make the lining inside.

Cut a 9x6 inches rectangle and hem one of the two long sides. Then sew togheter the two short sides and the inferior border.

Draw the letter of your name on the piece of felt and cut it. Sew it on the knitted camera holder with some stitches.

Then sew the remaining side of the knitted part.

After that, you can sew togheter the lining and the knitted part, by hidden stitches.

Then, take the hook and cast on 3 stitches on the central part of the opening. Work single crochet for 6 rows. At the end work 4 chaines and bind off. In the back side, sew a button. It is a little strap to prevent camera from sliding out of the holder.

To do the wrist strap, cast on 4 stitches with the hook on a side of your camera holder, and work single crochet for about 40 rows. You can mesure it with your wrist in the same time you are doing it. At the end, bind off and sew at the beginning of the strap.

P.S.: Sorry if my english is not perfect, but I am from Italy! :-) Any correction is welcome!

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amanda ha detto...

Cute, cute, cute! Love the blanket stitch trim on the letters.

Thanks for the tutorial Daniela!

22 dicembre 2008 12:35

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